• Conference Summary

       The GoodTalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference (GoodTalk “Global Village” Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Competition) started in 2009. The annual activity is held in countries including China, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Denmark and others. The conference aims to promote the popularization of Chinese and English study in the world through speech exchange by using second language among young people from different countries, deepen the learning and understanding of each other's cultures among young people, and select young diplomatic talents with international influence.

       The conference is divided into 3 parts---China Elite Bilingual Speech Conference, International Two-way Bilingual Exchange Conference, and World Campus Speech Tour. Each year’s convention has a theme, Chinese students speech in English while the world students speech in Chinese.

       In the China Elite Bilingual Speech Conference, students from Singapore, Australia, the United States, Denmark and other countries gathered in China and become partners with Chinese students. Under the leadership of Chinese students, they will deeply dipped in traditional Chinese culture, improve their Chinese speaking skills, and feel the Chinese customs and folk customs. After they are familiar with each other, they will guide each other's language and tacit cooperation, and present the charm of the world's youth language diplomacy in a bilingual speech.

       In the International Two-way Bilingual Speech Conference, students from all over the world will meet Chinese students and become one-to-one partner after the selection of Chinese speech. During the practice of bilingual speech, they will learn Chinese from Chinese students. At the same time, they will help Chinese students practice English. Under the guidance and tacit cooperation of each other, students will practice second language ability, understand Chinese culture, and get to know Chinese partners.

       In the World Campus Speech Tour, each country organizes students to enter the world’s famous school independently. Students will deliver a public English speech to the students from the school and people of the country.

       The founder and sponsor of the conference is GOODTALK CULTURE COMMUNICATION (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Chinese sponsors are China Education Association for International Exchange and GoodTalk Children & Youth Cultural Communication Center. Overseas sponsors and co-sponsors include Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Australia, Confucius Institute of the University of Melbourne, Confucius Institute of California State University,Long Beach, Confucius Institute of Copenhagen Music School, and so on. The conference is also supported by Education Department of Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne, Australia, and Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, the U.S.A.. All of them give highly praise for the conference.

       In the conference, the original intention of the sponsors is not only to learn the language, to present the language learning results, but also to build a platform for the bilingual exchange, to enhance the enthusiasm of learning the second language of young people around the world, to train young people’s social ability in the international environment, and to pay attention to international issues such as environmental protection. At the same time, more and more international students will learn to understand Chinese and Chinese culture.

  • Conference Vision

    Enhance the second language skills and international understanding of teenagers around the world;

    Through the bilingual communication and exchanges between Chinese and the world's teenagers, making the future world better known to China and China's "future" know the world better.

    Conference Mission

    Leading students from all over the world to learn a second language, and let young people become the bond and bridge of communicating to world;

    Learning the extensive and profound Chinese culture through learning Chinese language.

  • Guests of Honor

    Kang Kai

    Education Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Singapore

    Sam Tan Chin Siong

    Minister of Prime Minister's Office Singapore, Ministry of Manpower Singapore, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore, and Ministry Government Affairs

    Low Yen Ling

    Senior Parliamentary Secretary of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

    Baey Yam Keng

    Senior Parliamentary Secretary of Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Social, and Ministry of Culture, Singaore

    Zeng Jianhua

    Deputy Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne

    Zhao Jiang

    Consul-General of Education Department of Chinese Consulate in Melbourne

    Nie Wenkai

    Vice Consul-General of Education Department of Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne

    Paul Battersby

    Deputy Dean of School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University

    Joel Backwell

    Executive Director of International Education Division of Education and Training, Victoria

    Xu Jixing

    President of Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Australia

    Gong Zheng

    Director of Confucius Institute, the University of Melbourne

    Jason Fong

    Director of Chinese Departemnt of ABC

    Clarissa Belanti

    Famous Scholar of Chinese& Australian Culture

    Chai Haiying

    Consular of Chinese Consulate-general in Los Angeles

    Zhang Taiqing

    Education Counsellor of Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles

    Dr.Terrence Granham

    Associate Dean & Executive Director for International Education

    Chen Haihong

    Director of Confucius Institute, California State University,Long Beach

    Xie Tianwei

    Professor Emeritus of Department of Asian and Asian American S

    tudies, California State University, Long Beach

    Zhou Yiran

    Director of Chinese Program, Professor of Cerritos College


    Jim Rogers & Happy Rogers

    World Famous Investor, his daughter is a famous Chinese & English bilingual star