• Conference Introduction

    In order to further promote international understanding education, deepen young people from different countries in the world to understand and love each other's culture, understand and respect each other's history, GoodTalk Children & Youth Cultural Communication Center launched GoodTalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference in Singapore, 2009. The Conference has received support and participation from famous universities in mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Denmark and other countries and regions. During the event, teenagers from different countries and regions centered on the "same topic", using Chinese, English and other languages to cooperate, interact, give speeches, share results, and show their demeanor.


    Since its inception, on the one hand, it has been committed to igniting the enthusiasm of young people around the world for learning second languages, and improving their speech and critical thinking skills; On the other hand, it leads them to establish friendship through the exchange of Chinese and English languages, so as to promote the intercommunication and cooperation between different cultures.


    The Conference builds an important international dialogue platform for cultivating future global young talents, and continues to be recognized by educators, praised by parents, loved by teenagers, and supported by people from all walks of life...The global popularity of the Conference is increasing day by day, and the number of participating countries, regions and numbers are also increasing year by year.


    From 2020 to 2022, under the ravages of the epidemic, the Conference suspended offline communication, and innovatively created online dialogue modes such as "cloud speech", "cloud communication", "cloud co-learning" and "cloud research" to serve the world students build an online stage that is more vibrant and interesting, showing cultural literacy and international vision.


    In 2023, the Conference will open the GoodTalk (Metaverse) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference online learning and speech space, empowering international exchanges with the power of science and technology, building virtual interactive scenes, breaking the boundaries of world student dialogue, and making online communication more authentic and fun.

  • Traditional (Basic) Process of the Conference

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    China Station

    Singapore Station

    Australia Station

    US Station

    Denmark Station